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Wise Mind - Wise Body - Wise Spirit

Are you struggling to express your gifts, attract the love you desire and create an abundant life that reflects your true values?

Perhaps you are tired of feeling unseen, unheard and unloved whilst constantly trying to please everyone else. Would like to shape the organisation, within which you work, rather than be shaped by it?

If you can relate to this, then it is time for you to start exploring your true self! To find out how I can help you replenish yourself, reawaken your radiance, embody your gifts and shine once again,

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The only way forward is to bring the mind, body & spirit connection to the front and centre. The process of integration and transformation will accelerate both your personal and professional life.


As the star of the show, it is all about you. We love it when you are winning, thriving and achieving your true potential!


We use only the most powerful cutting edge techniques to ensure your success. Explore how mentoring, coaching with play, pleasure and presence can transform your life today.

Hi, my name is Karen Austen

Welcome to the replenishing journey of full expression, where you can discover the truth about who you really are.

My name is Karen Austen and I am the founder of Passion on Purpose. As a performer, modern-day spiritual healer and self-development specialist, I am here to help you live a life that is truly yours.

Your light started to diminish the very moment you lost touch with yourself and started looking for external approval to survive. You may have now realised this and are ready to stop comparing yourself to others, overcome the belief that you are not enough and create your life the way you want it.

As someone with lived experience of recovering from extreme burnout, chronic fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I possess the gift of seeing everyone’s true potential. Let me help you reconnect to your internal GPS, your divinity, allowing you to realise the magnificence of who you truly are. To learn more about Karen’s journey

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Release the Past & Be Present Now with Karen Austen

Karen’s body and mind were shutting down due to the prolonged dangerous state of her nervous system. Her “normal” as a child eventually caught up to her.


Feeling Safe with Karen Austen

Karen Austen has led an adventure-filled life that has brought her to the belief that humans, as a species, have forgotten how to de-escalate the fight-flight-freeze response that our hindbrain creates when faced


Get Unstuck and Remove Anxiety with Karen Austen

Avoid keeping your nervous system stuck in the state that is used for survival & protection. Honor your body for the natural reactions which appear in the most difficult circumstances.


To receive your FREE Chapter copy, simply enter your details below and I will send it to you right away!

What if you could transform the “I’m not good enough” into “I am enough” in both your personal and professional life?

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