Introduction Bio

I am a woman of many things: 

Transformational Communication Coach, 

Tension & Trauma Release (TRE) Provider, 

Interplay Facilitator, 

Reiki Master, 



Friend and 

Lover of Light, Life, Laughter and Love. 

I am all about freedom and supporting others to Re- Member and Reclaim their own.

“My mission is to have humanity
Re-Member its freedom;
one mind-body-being at a time.”

Re-Membering” is the act of reconnecting with forgotten or suppressed parts of ourselves to feel whole again. It involves integrating lost aspects of our identity, memories, and emotions, allowing us to fully inhabit our bodies and live authentically.

My Story

In 2006, following a 25-year career within the Criminal Justice System, my life changed drastically. Finding myself out of work, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic Fatigue and extreme burnout. I was given a 1 in 5 chance of ever working again!

Since then, I have overcome these issues and liberated myself into a new world of vitality and presence. I managed to regain my freedom by acknowledging, being present with and releasing everything that had previously kept me in a small life of despair, anxiety and depression. My reignited passion for life has enabled me to discover my true purpose and potency through reclaiming myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’ve gathered the tools, skills, and insights needed to craft a life that truly resonates with me. I’ve re-engineered my beliefs, consistently challenging societal norms and cultural standards to unlock my full potential and potency. I constantly question and reshape how these norms influence our capacity and potential for myself and my clients.

My Approach

By saying “yes” to opportunities that presented themselves as challenges, I have transformed myself into a confident, creative, and passionate woman. I am fluent in the languages of being, alive with possibilities, and living with passion and purpose – and I can support you in becoming and doing the same.

Using a mind, body & soul wisdom approach, I am the Heart Wise Woman behind Passion on Purpose. I share my embodied way of having a greater sense of my own power, potency, presence, playfulness, and purpose.

“Creating a life to love takes practice and it takes work and it is worth it!”

My Work

I am the heart-wise founder of Passion on Purpose. As a performer, modern-day spiritual guide and self-development specialist, I am here to help you live a life that is truly yours.

Being a performer has endowed me with a unique insight into the realm of deep transformation. I’ve discovered that the art of performance goes beyond the stage; 

it involves embodying various roles, 

understanding emotions deeply, and 

connecting authentically. 

This skill set intertwines seamlessly with my role as a modern-day spiritual guide and personal transformation specialist at Passion on Purpose.

Whether guiding businessmen or business women, artists, mothers, teenagers, or anyone seeking personal transformation, my background and lived experience offers a unique lens to facilitate deep, holistic transformations in personal and professional lives. 

I’m here to assist individuals from all walks of life in discovering their authentic selves and living a life that resonates with their true essence.

Work with Me

What if you could transform the “I’m not good enough” into “I am enough” in both your personal and professional life? I’ll show you how.