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Coaching & Mentoring
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Coaching & Mentoring

Welcome! I invite you to seek out my lifechanging coaching and mentoring services, especially if you can relate to any of the following points:

  • You are tired of listening to your negative inner voice and have finally heard that tiny whisper saying “there is something more for you in life”

  • You possess the desire to develop a greater vision in your life

  • You would like some support in regaining the ability to speak up, be seen and listened to – confidence is key!

  • There has been a major disruption in your life, and you are looking for someone to help you navigate the change

  • If you are not taking action or have developed destructive habits and behaviours, then the gap towards achieving your dreams will become wider, more difficult and heartbreaking as each day passes.

    I offer you the opportunity to align with the true nature of your being. Working together and through deep listening, you will begin to develop greater integrity and generate a potency that will inform your communications.  Ultimately, the work we do together is with the intention of moving towards the moment you no longer need me as a coach or mentor.

    I see you in your perfection, embodying your dreams and visions in all ways and at all times. I know I have done my job when you move from being a client to an absolute fan of your life. I am committed to you living your true life as soon as you wish to. This will take courage, commitment, willingness and the desire to do the work. If you choose to do so, then I will walk the journey beside you.

    What should I expect from Karen?

    When working with me, you can expect to explore communication, influence, mindset, consciousness, emotional fluency, mind, body & soul wisdom. I will support you realising that everything is a form of communication: what you think and say, your actions, behaviours, emotions and even the sensations and symptoms you feel within your physical body. The life you are living now is the result of all these communications combined – is it what you truly desire?

    Integrity and alignment with your true Self will magnetise your true life to you – it cannot ‘not’ happen.

    Since becoming fluent in and embodying the languages of being, I have facilitated and created the very same opportunities for others. The journey of self-mastery, which is living a life defined by greater awareness and consciousness, the life that is truely yours to live is simple although not always easy: it takes courage, resilience, willingness and grit. We all have these qualities – now imagine being able to expand them to live the life that you know is truly for you.

    To experience this transformational journey, we will work alongside one another throughout. This includes somatic work, which refers to releasing the physical contractions within the body.I will encourage you to adopt a strong mindset to facilitate a deep listening of your internal communications and help you harness your emotions to unlock your true creative capacity.Together, we will also explore your relationships and the ways in which you manage them – are you seen, heard and acknowledged for who you truly are?Finally, I will support you in using the all-encompassing life force to support your dreams and creations.

    From working face-to-face with me, you will benefit from:

  • Embodied freedom, taking one day at a time whilst feeling supported and loved by life

  • The feeling of lightness in your mind, body and emotions

  • The feeling of lightness in your mind, body and emotions

  • Authentic self-confidence, self-certainty and self-acceptance

  • Improved wellbeing, vitality and resilience

  • Being completely in-tune with your intuition and listening to your body’s needs

  • Feeling safe, heard and acknowledged for who you really are – you will no longer fear rejection

  • Nourishing, supportive and uplifting relationships with deep connections

  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration in all areas of life

  • Total alignment of your words, thoughts, feelings, actions and values...

  • …and of course, living your true life in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial worlds!

    What if you could transform the “I’m not good enough” into “I am enough” in both your personal and professional life?

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