Women have the power to create lives they love.

Why is that easier said than done?


Historically, societal norms and gender roles have often undervalued women’s contributions and abilities, leading to internalized doubts about our self-worth and capabilities.


From a young age, many women are encouraged to prioritize the needs and desires of others over their own, leading to a diminished sense of self-awareness and self-prioritization.


Traditional gender roles and cultural expectations often box women into predefined paths, limiting our perceived options for careers, relationships, lifestyles and personal expression.

From systemic issues to personal experiences, none of us get out of the game of life totally pain-free. The question is – what can we do about it?

What would life,

fueled by Passion on Purpose look like?

It’s time to utilize the power of uncomfortable emotions, connect with the body’s wisdom and step into the life we truly desire.

What could possibly be worth waiting for?


When women reconnect with their bodies, they gain confidence and clarity to challenge internalized beliefs and assert their needs and boundaries.


By redefining their self-concept, women can overcome limiting beliefs and navigate life with empowered purpose and self-efficacy.


In aligning their lives with their personal desires, vision and purpose, women can break free from societal constraints, lead authentically, and pave the way for others to do the same.

Hi, I’m Karen

I desire to live in a world where women thrive fully in their families, communities and careers. The ripple effects would be enormous – Will you imagine it with me?

I’ve discovered that life doesn’t have to be about enduring constant suffering. While pain for me was unavoidable, the capacity to embody and embrace my innate creativity was the key to unlocking a world filled with beauty, joy, opportunity and meaningful connections.

If we choose to create the life we love, healing becomes a natural byproduct of moving through the nervous system on the way to what we want.

Real Stories, Real Impact

“Karen’s presence, composure, questioning and guidance creates a safe place for others to open to their true feelings and needs… I can highly recommend anyone who is either at a crossroads in their life, questioning or needing answers in relation to relationships, work or life purpose to contact Karen for some sessions and support. It will change your life!”

– Lisa

Theatre Director, Facilitator, Course developer, Mother, Wife

“Karen is such a professional and got to the heart of a matter that clearly polarized my husband and myself.

In working with Karen, we realized that what we really wanted was connection and wanted to be heard by each other. We now are able to do that.

I highly recommend working with Karen. She works fast and very gentle.”

– Elizabeth

Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur

“The more general impact that Karen has had… [comes] down to her presence and her ability to relate at a deep level, with openness. As a result, I feel more connected with myself and more interested in asking more essential questions. She has been supportive and affirming, and that has been key for me. Finally, something I really value in Karen is her humour and lightness of touch when required, her obvious joy in life and her laughter.”

– Danielle

Translator, Writer, Mother, Wife, Activist

Partnerships & Collaborations

Spirals of Evolution

What if we could use tension to our benefit?

When we recognize the structural tension between our current state and our intended goals, and learn to harness this tension as a driving force, it acts like a magnet, pulling us forward. This dynamic interplay sustains growth through natural cycles of expansion and contraction, generating momentum for boundless blossoming.


Asking starts with the belief that our needs and desires are valid and deserving of attention. When we ask with confidence, we honor our own worth and open doors to true understanding and fulfillment.


Receiving is as important as giving. It creates a balance in the cycle of exchange and mutuality. Mastering the art of receiving enriches our lives, deepens our relationships, and allows us to experience the full spectrum of generosity and gratitude.


Creating our own life involves actively making choices that align with our deepest values, aspirations, and dreams. By consciously shaping our path, we become the architects of our destiny, transforming our hopes and visions into tangible realities.

Find your Momentum

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